Change of Location Celebration

Looked down at my bracelet and deliberately pressed pause this morning before leaving my home to go to work the first time since Christmas break. In that sleepy moment of pause, I remembered to grab my Apple Watch and take my meds and vitamins. Pressing pause before changing locations made for a good transition back […]

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One Word 2019: Pause

Temperature fluctuates tremendously in a single day in Georgia–at times I go to work needing several layers of clothing to keep warm, but by the end of the day, I’ve stripped down to a single layer.  Layering clothing for the day is  like layering and targeting goals to improve over time. For the last several […]

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Why I Need to Press Pause

A few words heard from friends and coworkers in the past:  It must be exhausting being you. When do you ever shut down? You’re so intense. You’re like the energizer bunny. While I’m a highly energetic, passionate person, I’ve grown to realize that this energy and passion needs to be channeled, leveraged, and controlled.  This […]

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