Why I Need to Press Pause

pause mug

A few words heard from friends and coworkers in the past: 

  • It must be exhausting being you.
  • When do you ever shut down?
  • You’re so intense.
  • You’re like the energizer bunny.

While I’m a highly energetic, passionate person, I’ve grown to realize that this energy and passion needs to be channeled, leveraged, and controlled.  This is why I want to improve my ability to purposefully PRESS PAUSE.  When I STOP FORWARD MOTION AND ACTIVITY, that is not grounded in my priorities, I  press pause with the purpose or readjusting my thoughts and actions. When I take a BRAIN BREAK, I quiet the chaos around me and inside me as I seek  clarity, gain awareness, and promote success. 

In the moment, pressing pause means gaining awareness of how I can change what I do or say to curb overwhelm, overcome procrastination, realize my priorities, and respond with clarity and kindness.

[IN THE MOMENT] I need to press pause when . . .

  • I’m overwhelmed, and my thoughts are spiraling, negative or disjointed.
  • I’m not going home to my family because I’m stuck in a moment.
  • I’m not getting ready for work because I’m distracted by reading a book, staring at a screen, or finding the right shirt/accessories/shoes.
  • I’m transitioning from one place/class/activity to another.
  • I’m in a tense conversation and need to choose kind over right and the best timing/approach over the last word.
  • I’m procrastinating or avoiding important tasks and responsibilities.

Intentionally pressing pause helps me slow my roll and stop the forward unintentional motion of the Energizer Bunny

[WITH INTENTION] I need to press pause to . . .

  • Get quiet to find clarity, serenity, and peace (blogging, praying, exercising)
  • Be a human being instead of a human doing–planned with intention (playing, reading, relaxing, exercising, watching TV, listening to music)
  • Recharge as needed throughout the day, week, and year
  • Plan productively and effectively (using Self Journal quarterly, weekly, daily).

For me writing is about making meaning of life by pausing on paper. It’s all about filtering thoughts, finding perspective, taking care of myself, and teaching/leading well. 

[WITH MY BLOG] my plan is to press pause to . . .

  • Examine the small moments when I pause (or don’t pause) as I improve my ability and awareness 
  • Look at how pausing affects my teaching, leading, loving, being, doing, living, . . .
  • Look at how pausing with intention challenges and changes me
  • Make meaning of a life lived intentionally with planned pause

As a writer, I pause. Then, I zoom out, zoom in, and revise. When I revise, I see things with new eyes, and it there I find the deeper meaning.

Instead of being stuck in a moment, I can zoom out and understand others’ views and then zoom back in with new meaning of that moment. This intentional pause to write and revise keeps me from being the Energizer Bunny going full throttle and spiraling haphazardly who will eventually collapse and need recharging.  

In the moment and with intention, in work and home and all areas of life, I am excited about exploring the challenges and changes that come as a I PRESS PAUSE.  

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